Importance of technology in healthcare – colon dialysis machine will proved a revolutionary innovation in 21st century


Have you ever imagined how technology could make staying healthy easier and more fun? That’s where Health Tech comes in! ┬áIt’s like having your own high-tech helper for taking care of your body and feeling your best. Let’s dive into the world of Health Tech and see how it’s changing the way we look after … Read more

Taste the Revolution: Lab-Grown Chicken Deemed Safe by US Regulators (Jul, 2023)

Lab-grown chicken

The Food and Drug Administration( FDA) has cleared lab-grown chicken as safe to eat, a major step forward for the arising assiduity of cultivated Meat. The FDA’s decision follows a rigorous safety review of the product, which was developed by the company GOOD Meat. The company uses a process called cellular husbandry to grow chicken … Read more